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Association for Cultural Evolution: Home Page

The Association for Cultural Evolution, founded on the legacy and principles of pioneer scientist Dr. John C. Lilly, provides information materials and event and media production services.

John C. Lilly

Dr. Lilly was best known for his work with dolphins and interspecies communication, his development of the isolation tank, and his research into altered states of consciousness. The main characters in two popular films, The Day of the Dolphin and Altered States, were based on Dr. Lilly.

Project Proposals in Need of Funding

Contact ACE if you are interesting in supporting one of our vitals projects in media archiving, presentation, event production, research, program development and membership drives. Click here for a Donation Form.

Upcoming Events in Cultural Evolution

Please contact ACE if you are interested in hearing about our upcoming Cultural Evolution Salon series, fascinating presentations and discussions by the world's leading edge thinkers.

New Gallery

The Gallery has been updated for easier browsing of the archive of images on dolphin research and past ACE events.