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John C. LillyWho’s Who in America: 1983

Lilly, John Cunningham, med. scientist, author; b. St. Paul, Jan 6, 1915; s. Richard Coyle and Rachel (Cunningham) L.; m. Antonietta Ficorotta, 1975; children-John, Charles, Cynthia, Pamela, Nina. B.Sc.,Calif. Inst. Tech., 1938; student, Dartmouth Med. Sch.; M.D.,U,Pa,,1942. Mem. faculty, U.Pa.,1942-56; fellow in biophysics E.R. Johnson Found.

Med. Physics,1942-46, asso.,1946-49, asst. prof. biophysics, 1949-52, asso. prof. med. physics, 1952-56, also asso. prof. exptl. neurology dept. neurology and,1952-56; chief cortical integration sect. Lab. of Neurophysiology NIAIH and Nat. Inst. Neurol. Disease and Blindness, 1953-58; established Commu- communication Research Inst., St. Thomas, V1,1959; chmn. neurol. div. Md. Psychiat. Research Center, 1968; Hixon lectr. Calif. Inst. Tech., 1952; Mayo Found. lectr.,1952; Colloquium lectr. Harvard U.,1954; John Kershman Meml. lectr.,1961; prof. medicine U. Miami Med. Sch.,1960; also lectr. numerous univs., learned socs.; Condr. war research for com. on med. research OSRD-USAF, 1942-46; fellowship bd. Nat. Inst. Mental Health, 1954-57; sci. adv. com. for grad. schs. NIH, 1954; mem. bioscis. adv. panel Office Sci. Research, USAF Research and Devel. Command, 1958, 61, sci. adv. bd., 1958-63. Author: Man And Dolphin, 1961, The Mind of the Dolphin 1967, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, Theory and Experiments, 1972, The Center of the Cyclone, 1972, Simulations of God: the Science of Belief, 1974, Deep Self. Isolation Tank Relaxation, 1976, The Scientist: A Novel Autobiography, 1978, Communication Between Man and Dolphin: The Possibility of Talking With Other Species,1978, also sci. papers pub. in jours.; co-author: The Dolphin in History, 1963,(with Antoniette Lilly)The Dyadic Cyclone. Recipient John Clark Research prize, 1943; Effective Service award OSRD-USAF,1945; grantees NIH 1946-69, Office Naval Research, NSF, NASA, 1962-68; fellow Center for Advanced Study Behavioral Scis.,1969-70; resident assoc. Esalen Inst., 1969-71. Fellow AAAS, N.Y. Acad. Scis.; mem. Am. Physiol. Soc. (steering com. on neurophysiology 1953-56), Am. Electroencephalographic Soc.,IEEE, Biophys. Soc. (charter), Acoustical Soc. AmO., Assn. Research in Nervous and MentaI Diseases, Sigma Xi, Alpha Mu Pi Omega.

John C. LillyMy life is devoted to exploration of inner and outer realities; this means a thorough self-review frequently, conducted with candor and discipline derived from medical, scientific, psychoanalytic and research training over the years. I have resumed scientific and engineering research on human-dolphin communication. My goal is to break the interspecies communication barrier with microprocessors and minicomputers. — John C. Lilly