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John C. Lilly, MD.

Ruth Forbes Young

Richard Feynman




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Mill Valley, CA 94942 USA

T: (415) 409-3220


Dear Friend,

Welcome to the menu of our synergistic offering of sound, light, and living dangerously. We are bootstrapping our way into your life with the intention of pleasing and exciting you with the possibilities and accomplishments expressed by the culminating twentieth centuries verbal, musical and visual artists. We have professionally documented individuals, events and locations with audio and video recording, photography, graphics arts, and written publications as well as having performed musically, live and on sound tracks, for over twenty years. We are offering this collection of videos, audio tapes, compact disks, publications and toys because we like them and think you might enjoy including some of them in your collection.


1. To gather information for education, entertainment and service to the unfolding of the emerging planetary community of individuals who are increasingly aware of the essential interconnectedness of all life.

2. To document and archive significant contributions toward mental and physical well-being, while popularizing the ecological, globally pan cultural, mobility enhancing, interdisciplinary, futuristic, links between arts and sciences that foster human compassion, generosity and creativity.

3. To publish and disseminate the material of ACE Collection, Association for Cultural Evolution Archive, and other relevant collections, by mail order catalog, airing on radio and television, placing in publications, and presenting at events produced by S. P., A. C. E. and other compatible organizations.

4. To carry on business based on principles of cooperation within harmonious relationships as well as of integrity in the production and distribution of dynamic products for the information age.

5. To provide an inclusive, interdisciplinary forum and philosophical meeting ground for state-of-the-arts technology and life-as-art integration. While exploring nature as well as multiple media electronic environments, we invite you to sample some fruits of the laborers who have farmed the cornucopia of our time.




For more information about  ACE or to make a tax deductable donation to our [501 (c)3] contact us.

Telephone: (415) 409-3220 (ACE/Sound Photosynthesis)
Address: ACE, P.O. Box 2382 Mill Valley, CA 94942

Founding Board of Directors

John Weir Perry, MD
Arthur M. Young
Virginia Frances Gurley, MD
John C. Lilly, MD
Faustin Bray

Former Board of Directors

Ruth Forbes Young
Nina Graboi
Timothy Leary
Peyton H. Bray, Jr.

Current Board of Directors

Faustin Bray
Virginia Frances Gurley, MD

Board of Advisors

Richard Feynman (d. 1988)
Brian Wallace
Lisa Lyon
Wendy Perry
Kenneth H.Wm. Krueger
Creon Levit
Roy Tuckman
Gene Schoenfeld, MD
Daniel Weinberg
Shoshana Leibner
Greg Jalbert
Peyton H. Bray, III
Ellen Cothran
Muldoon Elder
Eric Gullicksen
Lee Perry
Glenn Perry
Anthony Young
Bertram Davies
A.K. Plitt
Robert Tesch
Marina Gamble
Lisa Bloom
Christian Bramswig