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Richard Feynman

These videotapes and books are available from Sound Photosynthesis.

Association for Cultural Evolution has made available, for viewing on a loan basis, 2 VHS T-160 videotapes containing  2 programs on each VHS tape of Richard Feynman, produced by Christopher Sykes.

One Tape:
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out & Fun To Imagine

(58 minutes) & (56 min)-Richard telling science stories Order Here!

Two Tapes:

Last Journey of a Genius & No Ordinary Genius
(AKA The Quest for Tannu Tuva - 58 minutes) & another two part cassette of-99 minutes, never aired in this 2 part unabridged format in the US).
Order Here!

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A book by the producer of the program, Christopher Sykes is available .

CHRISTOPHER SYKES: No Ordinary Genius: The Complete Illustrated Feynman.
Any Feynman fan will have to have this book. The NOVA program, produced by Christopher Sykes of BBC, has been viewed all over the world.
(1) Publication #P25-94

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RICHARD FEYNMAN: Bits and Pieces -- from Richard's Life and Times.
See and hear the iconoclastic Nobel prize-winner playing congas and other rhythm instruments, dancing, conducting idiosyncratic workshops, participating in the Challenger hearings, explaining the "Feynman Diagrams" and much more. A lovely and memorable visit.  (1) Video cassette #V90-88

Richard Feynman: Computers From the Inside Out

RICHARD FEYNMAN: Computers From The Inside Out.
The audio is understandable to anyone who can visualize Richard's descriptions. The way the Nobel Prize winner expresses the story
makes a person want to understand. The Video shows him pointing to what he is describing.
(1) Audio cassette #A29-85
(1) Video cassette #V23-85

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RICHARD FEYNMAN: Idiosyncratic Thinking Workshop.
Two years of insight spoken during two five day workshops went into the making of this five-tape audio album. The video is an
abbreviated highlights tape, stressing the visuals. Feynman fans are going to want both the audios and video of this series.
(5) Audio cassettes #A30-85
(1) Video cassette #V441-85

Quantum Mechanical View of Reality

RICHARD FEYNMAN: Quantum Mechanical View of Reality: Workshop at Esalen, 11/83.
A very brief edit of the workshop is available in audio and the set of videos is presented with very little editing...both are a must for
dedicated Feynman fans. 8 hours.
(1) Audio cassette #A220-83
(4) Video cassettes #V440-83

Tiny Machines

RICHARD FEYNMAN: Tiny Machines - The Feynman Lecture on Nanotechnology.
Richard Feynman originated the idea of nanotechnology, or molecular machines, in the early 1960s. Here he explains the idea to a general audience, and illustrates it using slides and diagrams. On this tape he talks about the tiniest tools and the fascinating way they work. Tom Van Sant's eye art piece is discussed and pictured in the video.
(1) Video cassette #V14-84

RICHARD FEYNMAN: FEYNMAN Volume 1: Richard Feynman recounts "Adventures of a Curious Character".
The stories in Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! and What do You Care what Other People Think? were originally recorded by Ralph Leighton in intimate situations where high sound quality was not attempted. with recent advances in audio enhancement technology it is now possible to bring these unique recordings up to a level acceptable for public release--especially for fans of Richard Feynman.
(1) Compact Disk #D308-98

with CD
(1) Publication #P180-96

RICHARD FEYNMAN: QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.
"Physics Nobelist Feynman simply cannot help being original. In this quirky, fascinating book, he explains to laymen the quantum theory of light--a theory to which he made decisive contributions." -- The New Yorker
Available in limited number. Inquire.
(1) Publication #P159-85

RICHARD FEYNMAN: Safecracker Suite (drumming and stories).
This is a recording produced by Ralph Leighton as a benefit for a specific cancer research program that helped Richard during his illness.
(1) Audio cassette #A306-88

Designed for non-scientists, Six Easy Pices is an unparalleled introduction to the world of physics by one of the greatest teachers of all time. "If one book was all that could be passed on to the next generation of scientists it would undoubtedly have to be Six Easy Pieces." ---John Gribbin in New Scientist
Available in limited number.
(1) Publication #P160-95

RICHARD FEYNMAN: What Do You Care What Other People Think?.
Out of print paper back book, available through our book search in limited number. Inquire.
(1) Publication #P14-88

RALPH LEIGHTON: Tuva or Bust! At Cody's Bookstore in Berkeley.
(1) Video cassette #V337-88