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Photo Album

Gilding the Lilly ... a tribute to Dr. John C. Lilly
April 26 - 30, 2000

John and Toni

John and Faustin

Lee, Shoshona, Glenn, and John

John and Faustin

Lee and Glenn Perry

Lee and Glenn Perry peer into isolation tank


Creon Levit and others

Czar John


Getting Tim wet

Friend with John


John by the shore

John on his 85th birthday

Ed Ellsworth helping release the dolphin

Project JANUS
van interior at edge of pool, backlot of Marineworld/Africa USA.
Human/Dolphin Foundation, 1980-1885

I met Dr. John C. Lilly in 1979 at a workshop in Pasadena. He was just putting together the Project JANUS lab, in a GMC stepvan. Above is a view of the hardware used Joint Analog Numerical Understanding System. Equipment included amplifiers, tape recorders, custom signal analyzer, tone generator, Apple II and Digital Equipment PDP 11/04 computers.

This is what Joe and Rosalie looked like when they were first captured.

Team: Dr. John Lilly, Toni Lilly, Barbara Clarke, John Kert, Tom Fitz, Jennifer Yankee, Ed Ellsworth, Martha Spence and others.

Goal: Forty whistle word vocabulary was accomplished.

Learned: Digitized human speech similar to dolphin ultrasound.

The JANUS software emulated dolphin whistles. It was easier for us to hear these lower-range acoustics. The dolphin communication that occurs in ultrasound (up to 200 KHz) is too high for us to perceive. The JANUS whistles named movements and objects in the dolphins environment. Joe go through the channel.

John Kert and John Lilly, Project JANUS

Joe and Rosalie on the underwater cam.

Find out how the isolation tank was used for communication work.

Spinning Dolphins

Birthday party invitation cover


Happy in arm chair

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